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Hi guys,

I hope everyone who is here with me loves this video! Up until I filmed these videos I enjoyed making vlogs, but I realized how much I enjoy vlogging with Max (who is now almost okay with being in my videos more often) and my friends. It’s fun to have my friends join me for a Coffee Talk or jump into fitness video with me, but when I get to travel to a new place if I do it with someone I’m close to it makes the video so much more fun! So are you guys enjoying seeing Max and I together more? Comment down below because if I start a more regular vlog it would be so much fun for Max to be a part of it since he’s such a big part of my life.

I’ve dreamed of visiting Japan again since my last trip there was cut short because of work. I only got to spend three days in Tokyo last time, but I didn’t expect that we’d have to leave and go back to the US right away so we didn’t take advantage of those days we had.

Has anyone here traveled to multiple places this year where it was supposed to be sunny, but you got there and it just rained… and rained? Well we had that for the first few days, which is what happened last time we were in Tokyo and this time we took advantage of every rainy moment. We went to Ginza, walked around Roppongi Hills, visited all the vintage shops near Harajuku, had amazing soba in Shibuyaa, and spent some time walking around Ometesando. We did so much and I still can’t believe so many of you came to meet me at Yogogi Park during the rain! I love you guys so much and if you were there leave a comment down below! You guys wrote letters that touched my heart and the gifts you brought were beyond thoughtful. I got so many matcha presents, which means you guys must watch my videos because you know how much I love MATCHA!

This week I’m going to be posting all my content from my trip to Japan so you guys should be ready for a few extra vlogs since it’s the holidays! I’m thinking about maybe doing a little Vlogmas, but right now I’m just waiting to see where I will be for the holidays and the two weeks before Christmas. I might have to fly to South Africa tomorrow and then Switzerland or just back to NYC to get ready for the holidays. What are your holiday plans and what are you guys looking forward to in 2020? I hope you guys are all still with me, January is going to be about our health and I’m going to share as much wellness content as I can. Maybe we can do another little wellness month on the channel? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you guys have all subscribed and shared this video with your friends. This community has continued to grow and I can’t think of a more positive place to be than here with you. I’m thinking about trying something different. I saw Gary V is sharing his cell phone number, but I don’t understand how his app works so in the meantime I was thinking about getting another line where we could all stay in contact. I’m going to see how I can make it work, but let’s try it for January? I’ll start sharing it with you guys in the comments, but give me a few weeks to get it set-up! You guys think the would be fun?

Hope you guys love Tokyo as much as I do. If you’ve been share with me your favorite spots, places to shop, and if I missed any places that are amazing for pictures.

Can’t wait to see you guys in April!



p.s. @Sannevloet_Japan thank you so much for helping us figure out the best place to meet! Max and I loved meeting you and all our friends in Tokyo!

Where we stayed – Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills | |
Restaurants – Message me on Instagram (@sannevloet) for my restaurant recommendations!

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