Congrats to everyone involved! It’s hard to keep anything that happens in a given season a secret nowadays. Instagram’s ubiquitous and most everyone has a 4k camera in their jacket pocket. Followers are used to the constant updates that are at odds with the pre-social media anticipation that would follow a film crew over the course of a season in the early aughts, expectation loading up until the movies shipped to shops. It’s rare to feel that today and so when a video does elicit that excitement, it’s all the more special. Joy did just that. Rumors of an epic session at Chad’s Gap started floating around nearly as soon as Sage Kotsenburg touched down on the landing of the iconic spot. But leaks there were not. It wasn’t until the labor of love premiered in Hollywood that the greater snowboarding populous laid eyes on what Sage, Red Gerard, Ben Ferguson, and friends had done over the season that the secret was out. And of course, Joy was much more than the Chad’s session, though that was a definite highlight. In Joy, Ben, Red, Sage, and crew provided a full-length showcase of their prowess in the backcountry, skill that is already some of the best in snowboarding and is truly only the beginning for these riders. Their efforts resonated throughout the entire community as soon as the movie came out. “They got me pumped up,” commented Halldor Helgason, while powder hound, Mikey Rencz added, “The boys really ripped it up.” Director Tyler Orton’s vision was part of what made Joy so succinct, which was dually recognized by Rider of the Year voters. Noted Harry Kearny, “Obviously the riding, terrain, and subject matter was incredible, but Tyler Orton’s work is just as pleasing as the riding itself.” As a marker of what’s to come, Joy surely sets the bar high, with all of snowboarding looking forward to what comes next from this crew.

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